Gas leak out


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Oct 29, 2007
I think it's the pet weiner on the tank. May be the carb. Bottom line, lost about a qt or 2. Trailer was a fume bomb waiting to go. No real sign of where the gas went. Means it went pretty quick. I had the the pet weiner in the off position.

Any thoughts?

it might still be flowing and filling the bowl and rollin out the overflow, that goes allover the back of the engine so its not all too noticeable and it seems to dissipate quickly

or you migt have the same problem i had with my T/A, your float(s) might be stuck open or higher than normal, and also the petcock would still have to be leaking
YES!!!!! it is the float bowl overflow.....that always happens when I tow it around in a trailer too (a closed in trailer as a matter of fact), there's always a big stain on the floor and it smells so strong in there it gives u a buzz....JK, BUT DON'T SMOKE!!!!
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The trailer is so fumed, you'd drop before you got a smoke lit!!
Oh well, be tradin that leakin' mik for a 34mm soon anyway.

It may not be your over flow from your carb. also it may not be that yoru float is stuck.

My petcock was leaking and I had the same symptoms as you. I couldnt find where it was leaking from. My first reaction was the float was stuck and it was leaking out of my over flow tube. It wasnt. then I rebuilt my carb with new seals, still didnt fix it. Then I found it was slowly leaking out ofthe petcock.

You can actually take the petcock out and clean all the seals. Try it out.

I'm feeling the same, but not sure. The way the drains are, I would see leaks. I know the pet weiner doesn't hold. I used to take the tank off and leave it outside the trailer while I was building it. This time I just left some gas in it and parked her in the trailer.
But.... still can't discount some carb issues. She's parts from a bunch of places.

No welding till I get her aired out for sure.

Mine was also leaking when I bought it. i just replace the petcock and it was fixed. hope it isn't your carb. your blaster is the neverending project.