carb jet kit



ok if i still have the oil injector installed n im running a 220 main n a 30 pilot n i blocked off the air/fuel jet because it got lost in the trails diddnt have much effect after i blocked it just ran richer if i get a 200 to 190 jets n 35 to 37 pilot from would it be leaner the throttle jet or needle jet is topped off n i have more power but it wont weelie or pop as it should i had a vitos carb jet kit but that screwed things up so i took the junk out n put what was in it i left the vitos 30 pilot forgot the 32 that was in it but im thinking of 190 main or 200 w a35 or 37 pilot would it get me up w the four stroke quads n outstanding power?
dude, all you have is a oil injection block off?? just leave it on the stock jets,get a new air/fuel mixture screw and use that screw to lean it out
i dont have a block off kit the airfuel screw its stripped on the carb
im running 200 main n 35 pilot it has power back but its a lil doggy now but im gonna try 180 w 37 pilot
GET A NEW CARB!!! its not that expensive you shouldn't be using the jetting to compinsate for a broken carburator. i think i have a few laying around if you need one or get one of e-bay and its always good to upgrade when things brake. 30mm flatslides are very nice
25.00 + shipping howmuch will it be to 49958 ? i have the tors system on mine but its dissconected