Cables can be purchased from just about all over. Be sure to get what you're paying for. Some sites will sell cables a little cheaper to lure you in, but my advice is to look at OEM or Motion Pro. These are the only 2 we sell in our shop.
WE did that to a 400EX... They the DNR check before u enter the dunes with a stick.. And the fat bastard said "Thats screen door mesh take it back to the parking lot".. But if i could fit a HMF sparky or some other brand that would work.. Might have to email Projectblaster.....
i run motion pro for my cable for my twist throttle, i never had any problems with just not very fond of OEM so sorry lol
Oh. didnt see this one,, There is a place called Terry Cable probly ask you local dealer for # thats where i get it but,, they make any cable you want at good prices and with what you save you can make it SS!!! could'nt find a cable for my older keihin D slide to thump throttle cuz twist throttles pissed me off any way, They knew axactly what I was talkin about asked a few questions and boom costom SS cable for $33.18 plus 8 bucks to ship.