Buncha blaster parts FOR SALE


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Dec 4, 2007
Corn Feilds Of Indiana
Hi I have a lot of misc parts for blaster, I have had several and now after several years am restoring my first blaster that i was "So Damn Proud Of" any way, i have engine cases "both sides" if i remember right from a 96 in good shape"legal of course", brand new never used DG chrome front bumper still in its box"i have the old alluminum DG and am going for what i enjoyed as a kid" also have a good transmission " may be some what dissasembled but there " bought all new stuff for my 2000 im restoring years ago cost me like $1000, rediculous "not the $ I want " have cylinder head stock in good shape all the fins, have a nice straight frame, was painted a wild orange color proffesionaly and never used" dose have some chips from bein around" think 2 steering stems, upper and lower A-Arms fresh paint no real chips or nuthin they are black but have a deep purple tint, have nurf bars the same color without nets on them "are the older rivet style" may be able to polish i think aluminum underneath paint could find out for you, front hub assmb. for both sides spindles should be straight on them, purple tank cover and nose peice, orange nose peice, all decent also have swing arm, straight axle, bearing carrier, rear disc chain slide basicly a whole rear assembly that is together and could be bolted on stick your hubs and wheels and go, also have aftermarket hubs "beleive for bashee" that fit blaster axle and i sould verify patern if wanted, stock pipe/silencer,,,,,, theres no telling what else i have Ask Me, I always consider trades, I need plastics "blue or black" need FMF pipe/silencer for sure try me with other things, I am not going to list prices because of so many things but, I am a reasonable person if you are. the only thing i can say i will want close to new price for is the DG front bumper as it is BRAND NEW other wise make offer or get with me, "All procedes go to the fix Wills sh*t fund" Thanks, Will ALSO I can put pics up and have paypal and prefer this method although not a mustI:I
few mor things, 2 kick starters, decent shifter, 2 oil pump covers "soso", clutch parts, pegs, shocks "yellow 96", stator, have new weisco .20 over pistol with wrist pin "ithink thats what they are" rings and surclips box is tattred but..., rubber intake boot, aftermarket reed block or spacer thing "not sure what kind it is red and fits stock boot and who knows what else just figured id throw a few more things on, thanks again Will
have stock reeds with aftermarket spacer, not to much for aftermarket internal sorry do have moose performance internal oil seals new i pack, if i can think of any thing i will let you know
Yea back when I road there was no LRD for no blaster, i wrecked this one and bought a banshee just before the toomey B1 came out, although I do like new top of the line stuff, I am building this one for memory's, thats why i stick with polished aluminum rather than chrome lite and rivet style nerf bars, i had alot of fun on these blaster's and even though my freinds moved away or died it would make me feal good to feel 13 again even for a few =) i just built the motor again as it was pretty much, weisco .40 over, hot rods crank, all new oil seals and bearing, ported polished, hinson billet proof clutch basket, ebc clutch, oil block off kit, boysen rad valves and reed block with carbon fiber reeds and a keihin 34mm flat side carb with K&N direct mouth and pre filter and renthal sprockets , Incase this may be interesting to any one """"Banshee front shocks work on front of blaster and raise the front up nicely and rides good salso the banshee steering stem fits nicely as well and sits a little higher and gwets rid of light bolt hole it is nice for those of use who are a little bigger now""""""" just a couple things that i come up with over time that may be usefull
Ill take the DG front bumper the reed spacer, and steering stem. Make me a price shipped to NC you can text my phone 828-899-4566 and ill respond. make a price on the nerfs too id love do a package deal to save on shipping if the price is right and thigs are in good shape. let me know what else you have too. maybe wheels? skid plate?
ok ,, chrome lite on e-bay is 124.99+10$ to ship I'll do $80 before shippingthats my picey one thats 45.00 off ebay i did find where the chrome is messed up in about a half inch circle,I dont know how its been sittin in my garage, and i didnt notice it till I got the things you were lookin at rounded up.,
Muff, on here is parting a 96 and wants $40 for steering stem il take $20
he wants $70 front and back shocks I'll take $35 They are yellow off a 96 but it wasnt ridden a whole lot and i parted this bike in 01 when my freind broke his frame, so they are good shocks, I'll take $10 for the nerfs, i have stock style bars that are painted the black deep purple type color not bad looking and look straight and il give you those with the reed spacer for $10 together and throw in a red renthal pad i have that i never used,,, I'll get pics up soon but this lets you know what we are looking at,, i do have some stock type wheels with poor rubber especially on back but probly not worth it to ship them i would not think, any way DG bumper, reed spacer,steering stem,Nerfs "as i said painted with no nets,Shocks front and back and handle bars we are lookin at about $145+ship let me know if you want them or not i find this to be a decent deal thanx Will
I wasnt sure but i thought you said the shocks were banshee for the front? Do you have extended swing arm? Ill take the spacer and the steering stem and are the nerfs the bars and the ropes too? good deal on the bumper but its not a big deal im trying to fix mine up a little i rolled it a while back and got the bars the the stem.

1. for sure I ll take the bars pad reeds and stem but interested in more

2. tires off wheels how much for wheels?
wheels are ugly i will get pics of the stuff up if you will be on tonight hit this up again, i gotta get some smokes and il pick camera up from my parents up the road, no the shocks are just blaster shocks, i put that up there just as useful info for the passer by sorry, no i have 2 stock swing arms thats it, """ sorry that I said in the ad but the nerf bars are older style you would have to fabricate ropes I will include a picture of my set to show you what you would have to do, If you are a fabricator it would just be a nice way to get a cheep set thanks Will
yea man ill be up a lit get pics of what you want to sell ill be up prob another hour maybe more