blaster part out



decided to part it out

evertthing on it for sale

dg nerf bars
dg grab bar

motor: needs rebuilt in pieces but will put back together and sell whole unless want kept apart

full fmf pipe
holeshots all the way around and extra rear ITP holeshots and rims
sway bar
A arms
plastics all good newer rears no cracks





its the fmf power core 2 not sure how old im in iowa
o ya and a motion rear brake cable that eliminates the handle cable
Hi, i am restoring my blaster and at the right price would like to have the fmf pipe and silencer let me know what you want for them, i am new on this sight and not sure where your reply will be posted, i dont know if it will alert me to your reply or if i have to check this page so i will watch you listing. thanx Will
sorry, few more questions, i am also interested in the rear brake cable, as well as mabey grab bar and lower front fender bracket please give prices seperate or as package would consider tires and rims but shipping may be to salty to offer much, also do you have paypal? "would just be conveniant" let me know mabey we can work somethin out, thanks again, Will
pipe 200
grab bar 30
brake cable brand new still in package 20

make me a offer on the tires and rims do you want the extra holeshots or the ones on the blaster now?

think you would take $250 for all with the extra holeshots/itp + shipping of course, not sayin its bad prices but i got bid sniped on e-bay and pipe and silencer went for 137.50 off an 06 quad,just none on there right now, thanks
if your interested check shipping price to 46544 IN
make it 300 for everything? pipr grab bar brake and rims and tires
Meet me at $275?? is the condition of every thing pretty good/ silencer looks a lil crooked in pic and havent seen rims/tires?? willing to take your word. also, do you have paypal or how should we take care of it??? also please check the shipping to area above, May be just as easy to call me at 574-298-1643 thanks again, Will
bottom end is fine it just needs a rebore and new piston everything else is in awsome working condition they cylinder dosnt look bad at all so maybe just new rings

275 + shipping i have pics of the pipe grab bar and tires and rims will put them on later
sorry the pics are not very good i was in a hurry and didnt have much time but heres all the the stuff you asked for. i have the bolts for the grab bar but the bolts for the pipe are not the right bolts the person who has it before just jamed a bolt that was close and cross threded the threads. i do accept paypal but would rather have a check if thats fine or if not comfortable with that paypal is fine. havnt check into the shippin yet thanks Eric





yea looks fine, are the tires on the blaster smaller than others?? just wondering wouldnt mind havin the ones off the bike if it was all the same to you but either way, also brake cable was not pictured but no biggie, a check would be fine parts were pulled off and pictured, I'm willing to do so although paypal is faster I know it also costs, would be good if you would send parts out uppon receiving it. that way im not waiting a month for things I would be crabby, any way please call me with address and shipping quote, as long as it is not outragious we'll get some swapin done, thanx Will
no problem the ones on the blaster are also a 20x11-8 and there not itps but they are in better shape than the itp im going to be honest with you just letting you know i will check on all the shipping tomarrow after work and paypal will be fine and i would get the parts out as soon as payment ive been there before waiting for parts for a while and i gotta find boxes for it all so it should be ready so shipped monday unless you are realy realy ineed of these parts i could pry have them out tomarrow but pry wouldnt shipp till monday anyway with the weekend about the brake cable if you want a pic no problem but its a motion pro eliminats the handle cable and its still in the package never opened let me know thanks eric
every thing sounds graite, probly rather have more tread if you dont care but like i say either ones will be fine, I'll get info with shipping tomorrow and monday will be no problem at all, thanx and I'll talk to ya soon, Will