A Moment of Silence for Those Lost.


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Nov 6, 2007
I live in Omaha, NE. Recently we lost 9 people to a horrible shooting.

I just hope you take a little time out of your life to realize all that you have and appreciate it. Remember the ones that make you life worth living. Do it before it is to late

Tell them how you feel and how much you appreciate them. The shooter was a depressed, suicidal young man. I don't discount his cowardly actions . . . but someone is missing him and confused about his actions. Tell your friends and family how important they are.
You said it!!!!

I heard yesterday that a department store forbids the Santa there to say "HO HO HO" due to he might offend a certain female group.

Why do we as a nation, where the majority should rule, have to bow down to everything that needs to be politically correct. Time would be better spent looking at the bigger picture. Like practicing a little compassion towards others. Maybe if we took the time to notice each other, focus on how we might be able to help someone other than ourselves, this MIGHT have been avoided.

Yes, we need to take the advice from bigredwood.
I heard that to about Santa and the ho ho thing. Thats bullshit, some of that womans rights sh*t has kinda gone to far.

Its terrible how many people commit suicide these days. I knew 3 people personally that did.
my life was hell- when i was 17 i was in the psych ward for tryint to commit suicide twice ...i dont like to have the topic of suicide brought up so if it can possibly be avoided? thanks.
A Follow Up

Stryder, I hope your personal growth is passed on to those that may need it. I wasn't going into a discussion on the topic of suicide. I only wanted all of us to take a moment to realize our surroundings. Sometimes life sucks, but the people we spend it with make it worth fighting for. I just believe this young man and the many that haved preceded him needed someone to give them the time or resources to understand just that.

Now that the silence has past . . . maybe we as individuals should do sometime. For example, locally we hold a charity family scramble every year. Basically nobody wins and most have a great time. Kids who need help are given handme-down bikes and we share time with fellow riders. The past two years I have taken a few kids in our neighborhood. Their parents are busy with work and what-not.
I also mentor two young gentlemen and one young lady. We spend a little time together once a month. I share my toys(bikes and quad) and share stories about my past and lessons I have learned. The small amount of time that is shared between us has paid out in positive growth for all four of us.

I just find that the situation is our responsiblity. Humanity is the quality of being humane. To be motivated by concern for others' suffering. Compassion. Just try it on for size. A little time goes a long way. Share your passions with someone new, young or old. Not only can you help someone else, but you may gain somebody yourself!

Sorry to go off like that.
I wish I could have had a moment to share something positive with 'Robert Hawkins'. Maybe he had something positive to share with me or others. Instead he allowed his anger to get the best of him and hurt so many . This came out so strongly because I use riding and racing to clear my mind. I find PEACE in the blur of the woods, the sound of tuned motor and ground in front of my fenders. I hope you take this for its purpose and enjoy your moments that are free of burden. (and maybe share them with someone that needs it)