98 Blaster-won't start



This is goin to sound stupid but what the hell!

Me and my dad just got a blaster it wasnt running but my dad cleaned out the carb and it started. well my family came down for a reunion and we rode it that next day, well the air filter wasnt on and my dad didnt tell me that. Well we rode it like hell and even went a little muddn, nothin hard core just the edge of a pond, kinda slung water and mud every where. Well, we kept ridn it then we washed it off, and rode it again then later on that evening it wounldnt start.

I cleaned out the carb and the jet with carb cleaner
cleaned out the air intake

It still won't start, i went to BansheeHQ.com to ask some questions, cause I didnt know about blasterforum.com, and they told me to check the compression but I dont have a tester. they said if compression is less than a 100lbs. that i would probably have to get a new topend. Well, i was bored today so i took off the topend and took it apart. How can i tell if the topend is damaged? Also, if mud and dirt get in there does it mess the walls up to where the compression would be off? My spark plug looks fine but i didnt check for fire. When i try to crank it it doesnt do anything, if you pump the gas a bit it'll do somethin for a sec.

really need some help, my dad said he told me the air filter wasnt on but i dont remember him sayin that, plus he saw us ridin it all day.


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Well first of all dont blame your dad for the air filter being off. He was probably leaving it off so it could dry. Accidents happen. Its part of life. :)

As for what you should look for in the cylinder/piston, this is a completely blown top-end. The cylinder will have .1-.5mm gashes on the inside. You still need to do a compression test even if the inside of the cylinder and piston looks fine. Its like 25-30 bucks for a cmopression gauge and you can get them at any autoparts store. Just screw it on where the spark plug goes. Hold the quad WOT (wide open throttle) and kick it over 4-5 times.


Heres a link for cleaning your carb. You should replace the plug even if you think its not bad.
How To Clean Your Carbureutor - Yamaha Blaster Forum

Good luck and keep us posted.
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when you open the carb bowl is there gass or is flow restricted?
kick the kick start with the light on does it flash?
got gas?
fuel on?
if little gas put on res tank and try start
Yes you need to go buy the 10-20 dollars gauge down at your autoparts store an check your compression, if you really knew your bike then you could tell if it was easier to kick the last time you tried it, put a new spark plug in it. Oneday i cleaned my carb an replaced my reeds an everything else couldn't find the problem was going to take it to the shop so i was like well i will put a brand new spark plug in it before i take it down an i will give it one last try so the next day i did that fired up first kick.

Clean your carb out (take apart an blow the pilot an main jet out) also blow through the holes on the backside of the carb, leave the bowl off the carb blow where the fuel line goes, let the float hang an see if it's hard to blow in if so pull the float off an get the trash/dirt out

Once that's done try it again if you still have nothin put a new plug in it.

New plug installed an still nothin check to see if she is gettin spark (place the sparkplug in the plug cap let it lay beside the cylinder an watch it as you kick it over)

Ok so if it's gettin fire then check your reeds make sure the reed petals are not cracked or broken

After all this is done an she still won't start up then invest in a compression tester then come back an tell us how many PSI she is reading
OK i know this is post is from a long time ago but im still gonna try. I have a 98 blaster also i traded it for a 97 rm 80. They said all it need was a exhaust gasket well i did that and it still won't start. When i kick it it don't sound like nothing but if i give it gas and kick it it sounds like it wants to start. i have taken the carb off and cleaned it.My next step is to get a new plug but before i do that does anyone have any suggestions. Also when i kick it the head light does try to come on.