yz250 swap

  1. Blaster200_117

    YFS250r concepts

    still looking for a rolling chassis and a donor bike for project YSF250r (a custom long travel yz250 swapped blaster). got bored and made a concept. I threw this together in about an hour so its sloppy and obviously not exact as this doesn't even have a motor and is on stock suspension. it is...
  2. Blaster200_117

    Project YSF250r is a go! A Baja built yz250 swapped blaster.

    After much research I be decided to go ahead with project YSF250r I will be selling trx450 as soon as it’s fixed and buying a blaster. I am waiting until winter to fully start the build which will give me plenty of time to track down a cheap blaster rolling chassis or one with a blown motor in...
  3. Blaster200_117

    Anyone every owned a long travel blaster and a 450?

    Ok so I used to own a blaster back in the day and I loved it. So much fun. However as most of you are aware they have a pretty bad chassis… no travel, narrow, etc. I’m currently on a bone stock trx450 with a cam and port work. 4 strokes are damn expensive to maintain and work on. For the price...