1. L


    So I have a 95 blaster, it has a fmf full exhaust, foam filter with no lid. Everything else is stock. Runnning br8es plug, carb is stock only thing I did was change the main jet to a 270. And now it’s running weird. It idles good. Takes off good. But when I go WOT it’s like it hits rev limiter...
  2. A

    Want to buy 2006 and 1988 Yamaha Blaster

    Looking to buy: 1988 Yamaha Blaster (Preferably with title) 2006 Yamaha Blaster (All original, mint condition with title) Send me info and pictures of what you have for sale. TIA Picture For Attention Can text me if easier 215-820-1388
  3. J

    Need a complete or near-complete good engine or bottom end

    Need a complete or near-complete good blaster engine or bottom end, will pay shipping or pick up near Denver or Kansas City Jeff C
  4. A

    Best possible scenario for seized engine?

    NB: I'm not an engine person. My son has a 1994 yfs200. The engine seized. He removed the top end (cylinder). Nothing seems damaged there. The piston won't move and it won't crank over. The worst-case scenario is it needs a complete engine rebuild. ~$600 just for the kit--for starters. What...
  5. DKavcak

    Stock Yamaha Blaster "Top Speed"

    I'm sick and tired of seeing all of these posts about "what sprockets should I use" or "how fast is my Blaster." I'M ENDING THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL! Please reference the following photo for STOCK engine/gearing/tires/chain/sprockets: I converted the standard tire size into the metric size...
  6. Austin Chapman

    Weird head I found on a blasty. Anyone know what it actually fits?

    Alright new guy here got a buddy into riding and decided his first quad to be a blasty. I also own one. Well the Chinese carb he ordered and didn't jet fried his top end. Which is what led me to this... Does any one know what kind of bike this came off of? I've searched the web and can't find a...
  7. NickDrew73

    Blaster Shutting Down While Driving! Help!

    My Dad owns a 1998 Yamaha Blaster that was in the woods for years. We pulled it out and got it running good, few days later it would die out on you when driving and make this nasty clicking sound! I tried researching it but cant find much.. I'm no expert so please help! Also clicking sound...