yamaha blaster 2000 not starting

  1. Nathan420

    I NEED HELP!! I’m a new rider

    So I had this blaster for a while now but never really road it till recently. It’s having a starting problem. I have looked,watched, and did as much research as I could. I have changed spark plug, watched a video and cleaned the carburetor, drained all fuel and replaced with new mixes gas. I...
  2. JonathanC92

    Help 2000 blaster!!!

    2000 Yamaha blaster won't stay running starts for a split second and won't start anymore Until about 15-20 mins later. Headlight is coming on so can't be stator Have changed ignition coil getting loads of spark. Brand new reeds Changed piston to wiseco(recently blew a eBay special piston...