1. J

    02 blaster full rebuild

    Just picked up 02 blaster need full rebuild cases are in good condition head is good cylinder probly needs to be bored over im wondering what should I about the cylinder and what Brands should I use for the rebuild and if there anything else I need right now I'm thinking sending the cylinder off...
  2. lucknuts

    Bad break-in, bad piston?

    My buddy bought and put in a piston on my blaster while I’ve been busy with work. I rode it around for two full gas tanks somewhat easy with a dab extra 2stroke oil in the gas. It is still oil injected, no tors delete on it. He just said it’d be good for it. It was more than a few days of...
  3. D

    Piston ring gap... stupid mistake?

    Hey all, I just had my cylinder honed to 66.25 and was matched to a new Wiseco piston. I was stupid and didn't check my ring end gap before putting the engine back together. Should I take it apart and measure? Or are Wiseco piston ring gaps normally good out of the box and it'll be okay? I...