wire harness 03 02

  1. Hunter cruise

    No spark

    I have a 2002 blaster and i was just cleaning up the wiring like taking the headlight wires out bc there isn't a headlight anymore as well as the tail light wires then i go to crank it up and i'm no longer getting spark. I need help finding a simple wire diagram. i have no oil tank no tors no...
  2. crusty4365

    need help. 03 engine and wiring in 02 frame.

    hi I bought a pre 03 blaster to fix. threw my 03 engine in it and realized the wires are different. how do I put my 03 wire harness in it? theres a black and white wire on the 02 harness that is mended together in a sleeve. I need help. I don't want to cut the wire because it leads to the kill...