1. Rick Dee

    Blaster not running

    So I recently had my blaster rebuilt pretty much top to bottom engine wise. Got it back from the shop and it was running great. Didn’t always start on the first or second kick. Up until about a week ago it was a dozen or so or more to get running. Since it was a rebuild I pulled the plug after a...
  2. B

    Carb tor removal screw setting

    have a 1989 yamaha blaster thats bored .2 over with a weisco piston, boyeson power reeds, stock expansion chamber, aftermarket pipe dont know the brand sticker was burnt, oil injection, aftermarket airfilter no airboxlid, currently running a 250 mainjet, needle clip is set on third in the middle...
  3. B

    Which throttle cable

    Ok on a 2000 blaster I removed tors and all wiring, I wna remove the brick on the carb and run straight throttle cable, which brand do I use please and thank you
  4. B

    89 blaster tors question

    will an 89 blaster run with the tors wires unplugged or do you have to cut and cross the wires my blaster was running great untill i messed with the screw untop of the tors one day and i ended up stripping it Before it stopped running the throttle would give it little to no power barely making...
  5. Dschade

    Tors idle adjustment problem

    Hey everyone, new here to blasterforums! I have a problem. I tried searching for it but couldn't come up with anything. The problem I have after I rebuilt the carburetor. I put the carb on the bike and routed the throttle cable the same way as it was. Now it revs up (my guess sounds like...
  6. STANGMAN 64

    BLASTER runs great in neutral, dies soon after taking off

    I have an 01 Blaster that has been sitting for a couple years, got it running and seemed to run pretty well. About 3 days later it's now giving me problems. It will start and run great in neutral, and after I take off it will bog down and die, and then it will start and idle only, and only if...
  7. chranwalke

    2004 Yamaha Blaster No longer starts on first kick

    I have been able to sit on seat and start bike with out choke with one kick and I have the tors deleted or the CDI tricked. So I went and installed a twist throttle and now I’m unable to start blaster with one kick and I have to use choke now to start it. Need help on why the twist throttle and...