tors removed

  1. I

    I think I broke my blaster

    I bought a 1994 blaster from a guy I met online. He told me, that the bike ran, which it did, but it didn’t idle because the air hose wasn’t attached. So I attached the air hose, cleaned the carb, and adjusted the idle screw. After researching, I found out that it could have been the TORS...
  2. B

    Which throttle cable

    Ok so on a 2000 Yamaha blaster I've removed the tors and all the wiring, now I wna remove the brick on top of the carb and run straight throttle cable, WHICH BRAND AND PART DO I USE PLEASE AND THANK YOU
  3. Tanker_01

    Blaster won't start. TORS removed.

    Just got a 06' with tors removed (spliced right after CDI) and also has parking brake wires cut (not sure if correctly, that was done when i got it). I did the tors removal myself and after removal the quad will not start. It had issues starting before but would eventually start and idle fine...