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    Blaster has blown up twice now, please help!

    Hello, i recently purchased an 03 blaster with airbox lid delete, stock expansion pipe, fmf slip on, highflo airfilter. i ran the quad for about 3-4 hours some long trips one fouled plug. purchased an FMF gold series expansion pipe, used, the kind with the bolt on flange, and spring to hold pipe...
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    Interested in Vito's 240 Kit, recommendations?

    Hello everyone, I put a Chinese cylinder on my blaster and I think it's going out. Probably because I didn't do a leak test, since I didn't know it was a thing. I'm interested in installing the Vito's kit, but talking to KOR he suggested that it's better just to port the stock cylinder. My...
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    My blaster has 90 psi of compression but starts first kick every time and runs and idles perfect. 90 psi is way too low for a blaster. Can my Tester be bad? Or should I just rebuild it? When I got it it supposedly had a brand new cylinder which it looked as so but I’m not sure about piston and rings
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    Be careful buying blasters on craigslist

    i bought a 1997 Blaster for 1100$ It ran fine then the second time I rode it, it went full speed because the carb wasnt jetted right, I was in danger. After that it was rattling and then wouldent start. i left it there for a month till i got a mechanic to put a top end on it. It started then...
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    Iso right bend pipe

    Looking for a right bend pipe cash in hand