1. D

    Throttle cable getring stuck help

    Basically i got a new throttle cable today after my carb went bad and after disassembling the thumb throttle box assembly on the bars and hooking it back up through the tors system assembly the throttle gets stuck open most of the way inside the thumb throttle box on the bars and inside the tors...
  2. E

    NEED HELP 02 Yamaha Blaster not running right

    Here's the story.. My uncle bought this blaster and put maybe 70 miles on it and ended up letting it sit behind a building at my house, it ran when he left it there. I decided to pull it out the other day and get it running. About the blaster.. It's completely stock nothing has been done to...
  3. B

    Which throttle cable

    Ok so on a 2000 Yamaha blaster I've removed the tors and all the wiring, now I wna remove the brick on top of the carb and run straight throttle cable, WHICH BRAND AND PART DO I USE PLEASE AND THANK YOU
  4. Dschade

    Tors idle adjustment problem

    Hey everyone, new here to blasterforums! I have a problem. I tried searching for it but couldn't come up with anything. The problem I have after I rebuilt the carburetor. I put the carb on the bike and routed the throttle cable the same way as it was. Now it revs up (my guess sounds like...