1. F

    Help with engine housings

    So I recently was riding and my blaster came to a stop and just died. Tried kick starting it a few times until it just locked up. I was convinced that my crank had locked up for good. But I decided to open up my engine. I found out that a side of my piston had broken into many little pieces and...
  2. natej

    Crank locked?

    I’m replacing the piston and cylinder on my ‘02. At some point in time while I had the cylinder off, the piston arm became locked. I can pivot the arm but can’t move it up or down, including with the Kickstarter. This is without the cylinder on, so it has nothing to do with bore size, rings...
  3. natej

    Fix it or replace cylinder

    My son just bought a 2002 blaster as a project. He was told that the pistons and rings were recently replaced. The headlight, kill switch, rear brake, and kick starter didn’t work. We fixed the kick starter and I should be good with the others parts. One thing that bothers me is that it...