1. STurnerXM2010

    New Owner in the Dallas Area

    Gents, Picked up one of the cleanest examples I've seen of these bikes just a couple days ago. Kicks over, but seems to have low compression. May be reaching out from time to time, as this will be my first comprehensive 2-stroke rebuild. Possibly looking at the VITO's 240 package and...
  2. 2storkher

    New looking for advice

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to pick up a 2003 blaster. Has the 240vito kit carbon fiber boysen reeds 3 mill vito stroker crank, tors been deleted, FMf pipe, and advanced 4 degrees. He didnt do any porting or have the head milled at all. I'm not sure on the carb or airbox upgrades either. Just...