new to the blaster club.

  1. M

    Engine noise and leak help

    Hi all, I’ve been around a bit looking for someone with a similar issue to me. I picked up a 04 blaster the other day. Ran great. Zippy as could be. Until I was riding along and noticed my tires flat. So I stopped. When I fixed that issue I started the quad and it was “vibrating violently” it...
  2. DKavcak

    Newbie Blaster Owner

    Hello! My name is Dan, I'm from Northeastern Pennsylvania and I recently acquired an almost immaculate 1991 Blaster WITH A TITLE. This has no aftermarket parts and even has the original tires from 1991 (three digit DOT code vs. a four digit DOT code). I've wanted a Blaster since I was about...
  3. B

    Official a blaster owner.

    Just wanted to come here and share my new Blater. I’m 37 and just got my first blaster. I’ve always loved blaster, since the first time I rode my buddies back in the early 90’s. I never had the money to buy one, till now. I found a basically all stock 92 with a dg pipe. It runs great! I don’t...