1. Sasquatch

    Battery size?

    So I'm going to be converting my Blaster to 12V DC here soon and installing 2 smaller led spot lights. was just wondering if anyone is running a battery from the box under the seat? I would like to find a battery that will fit in the area snug and not too tall.
  2. S

    Blaster light set

    OK, I've been looking for a while for lights for my blaster I bought this summer. Now that it's getting darker outside I need a headlight and a taillight, I don't need brakelights or anything, just a simple headlight and taillight. Does anybody know where I can buy them? Btw I'm living in...
  3. C

    Battery for Lights

    I am doing the conversion over to DC power to add an LED light bar, and am wondering what others have used for batteries? I am looking for something that will fit in the little toolbox under the seat, but will still have enough power to last a while with the bike off and lights on. Any ideas?