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    Oil leak from engine area

    Hello, Thanks for viewing this post. For a while now I have had an oil leak from the engine area. I have found it near impossible to locate the source of the leak. So have a couple of questions for you: Firstly, is there a tip or trick to locating the source of oil leaks. I know this sounds...
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    03' Blaster leakdown

    Hey, first time poster. Just bought a used 2003 yamaha blaster. Needed to do a top end rebuild which involved me buying a completely brand new Cylinder after breaking a bolt off putting the carburetor joint back on. Didnt do a bottom end but knew i should do both at the same time but after being...
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    Blaster Oil turns milky brown after oil change

    I replaced my oil with 10w-30 650 ml of it because I thought it was burning oil because the level went done after a ride. After running the bike for 5 minutes I checked the oil and it was milky brown. Could this be a case leak? Or bad seal? Also when I run it the oil is below the marks on the...