1. J

    02 blaster full rebuild

    Just picked up 02 blaster need full rebuild cases are in good condition head is good cylinder probly needs to be bored over im wondering what should I about the cylinder and what Brands should I use for the rebuild and if there anything else I need right now I'm thinking sending the cylinder off...
  2. D

    Interested in Vito's 240 Kit, recommendations?

    Hello everyone, I put a Chinese cylinder on my blaster and I think it's going out. Probably because I didn't do a leak test, since I didn't know it was a thing. I'm interested in installing the Vito's kit, but talking to KOR he suggested that it's better just to port the stock cylinder. My...
  3. JLG

    New Guy!

    New to the forum. Thanks for the add. Just picked up 2001 Blaster all original. Looking forward to getting it upgraded! All suggestions are welcome!