1. dutcher18

    Clutch case wobbly gears and kickstart issue

    I have had issues with the Kickstart not engaging and this time I took it apart and noticed a few gears in the clutch case are wobbly/loose and I am wondering if some gears are supposed to wobble or if they are loose. If they are supposed to be wobbly what would be another reason for the...
  2. B

    Kickstart spline size?????

    What size are the splines on the kickstart? The bolts a 10 or 11mm. But what size are the splines?
  3. chranwalke

    2004 Yamaha Blaster No longer starts on first kick

    I have been able to sit on seat and start bike with out choke with one kick and I have the tors deleted or the CDI tricked. So I went and installed a twist throttle and now I’m unable to start blaster with one kick and I have to use choke now to start it. Need help on why the twist throttle and...