1. Yz125killer

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

    I just picked up a 2000 blaster on trade for a AR-15 and it's a pile of crap. The engine is brand new bottom end to top,I was shown all paperwork and pictures of the build being done October '23. Afterwards it sat til now and just went to crap. I have read all the forums and ran through the...
  2. 2

    What jets do i need

    I am not so familiar with 2 stroke carbs. and i do not know what jets i need to use. I heard something about dellorto. Is that maybe what i need
  3. E

    Carb jetting help

    Hello first time posting on here but I am kinda stumped getting my new carb dialed in. Had OEM Mikuni carb Main jet #260 idle jet 32.5 and so forth. So i got the Mikuni VM26-8074 changed main jet from #190 to #260, Idle jet from #60 to #32.5 left needle jet and needle which came in it. How do i...