hydraulic brakes

  1. A

    What bracket is needed to upgrade '89 blaster rear brakes to hydraulic?

    My son has an '89 YFS200 with mechanical rear brakes. The caliper is bad and it's impossible to find a used one (new ones are like $300). We've read that you can weld a bracket on the frame and get a hydraulic brake setup for under $100. So, what is that part? Suggested source? TIA!
  2. DKavcak

    Stiff Front Brake Lever (Hydraulic Conversion)

    Hey Everyone, So last thursday I swapped my entire front-end for a 2004 Blaster. I picked everything up (minus the master and new rotors) for $150. Galfer Lines sure are a thing of beauty! Since I had no way to keep the line from going into the steering shaft, I had to zip-tie it loosely to...