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    Idle and fuel question

    Some people say you can't let a 2 stroke idle and you have to keep blipping the throttle, because you will foul a plug or blow your top end due to not enough oil at idle for the piston while others say they let their blaster idle all day and never had a problem. I would like to know if I could...
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    I have a 06 2stroke blaster which has been sitting in storage for 6 years with about a 1/4 of a tank sitting in it. So I poured out the gas and it was very strong in smell and really green. I need help on how to clean the inside of tank or some good methods to do.
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    Please help!!

    Okay so, just rebuilt 05 blaster, .20 over piston, fresh hone, fresh seals, gaskets, you name it... rebuilt carb (new components) new reeds... TORS SYSTEM STILL HOOKED UP, ALONG WITH OIL INJECTION.. first start up, sounds okay, but will not idle at all, turn the idle screw on top of TORS system...