1. William Snyder

    Flywheel washer position?

    Hey guys I am going crazy with this Woodruff key keeps shearing situation. I think I got tissue straightened out with the valve grinding compound solution but I I can't remember which way the thick washer goes. One side is flat and one side has like a counter sink or a bevel or something. Which...
  2. Blastarded1

    Flywheel balancing

    Just wanted to share this awesome video about how to easily balance your flywheel at home. Video: Program: I know this is old but it's so awesome! Maybe somebody hasn't seen it yet.
  3. Blastarded1

    Flywheel balanceing

    Just wanted to share this link I found for a video on how to balance your flywheel as I needed to do just that after it was stuck and I needed to get to the stator. We've all been there I'm sure. Video: Software tool:
  4. Noxtol

    Last Hopes

    Im about out of options at this point, So i have a 2000 blaster that i was splitting the engine to overhaul it and i've had a terrible time trying to get the flywheel off i have the proper flywheel tool for it, i put it on all the way, went to extract it and it ripped the threads out before...