engine rebuild

  1. F

    Right side of crankcase

    So I bought a blaster for pretty cheap. I’m rebuilding the engine. I’ve rebuilt one before but, this time all of the gears and everything came out on the right side of the crankcase. I can’t get the snap ring that holds the shift forks off. Has this happened to anyone else? And if so could you...
  2. D

    Where to start on rebuild

    Hello new to this site see if I can get some help I recently got my blasters back from a scum bag who was supposed to do a rebuild on the one and use what ever parts off the other and ened up making them worse then when I brought them to him and tried taking them and my money I won the court...
  3. F

    Help with transmission

    I was cleaning my transmission after splitting my case. I flipped it upside down and sprayed brake cleaner to make sure there wasn’t any dirt or anything in the gears. A rod just fell out of the transmission. I think it’s a clutch push rod but I’m not too sure. I have bored out my cylinder and...
  4. F

    OEM Piston

    Hello I am rebuilding my blaster after my piston exploded. I ordered a wiseco piston and it had almost one millimeter of space between the cylinder and the piston. I decided that ordering a OEM piston was the best bet. I got it and it was still kind of small but bigger than the wiseco. So my...
  5. Hunter cruise

    Amateur rebuild

    Okay so i sent my cylinder off to get bored 40 over after i blew my blaster. but while i have everything tore down what other things do i have to do for the build as far as jetting it correctly? also what all can i do for power? new reeds, exhaust, head work, lightened flywheel? What is gonna...
  6. F

    Help with engine housings

    So I recently was riding and my blaster came to a stop and just died. Tried kick starting it a few times until it just locked up. I was convinced that my crank had locked up for good. But I decided to open up my engine. I found out that a side of my piston had broken into many little pieces and...
  7. 12cc2


    Well took the plunge and stripped down the blaster this evening in preparation to throw all the new parts I’ve got stockpiled. As a curiosity I decided to compression test it before I get started and either my gauge is off or this poor girl had seen more damage then I originally thought. Was...
  8. D

    Blaster dies

    So in my continuous struggle to get my blaster working again, i have run into yet another problem. I have fixed the start up problem, i ended up ruining the key switch. But now my problem is when it is running. when i start it up and give it gas, the engine bogs out, and if i give it full gas...
  9. L

    Transmission bearing

    So I bought a blaster from a buddy first drive I had it out started making this awful screeching noise which I thought was the clutch. I took the clutch cover off an removed the clutch turns out I think it's a bearing in the transmission that is spun cause whenever I spin the wheel the...
  10. D

    Help please

    So i have a 2003 blaster, and decided to rebuild it, because i cracked the crank case. so we split the case, resealed it, then i got a new ported cylinder, new piston, new reeds, new carb, new head, and new spark plugs and it won’t start on its own. it will only start if you put gas directly...
  11. W

    how to tell if i have a chinese cylinder?

    I got a blaster recently and have done a ton of stuff to it, it needed a new piston last on had a broken skirt. anyways the the cylinder is fine but i can’t tell if it is oem or a cheap one. the piston looked to be like a cheap one and it was definitely not oem. but i’m not sure about cylinder...
  12. A

    Best possible scenario for seized engine?

    NB: I'm not an engine person. My son has a 1994 yfs200. The engine seized. He removed the top end (cylinder). Nothing seems damaged there. The piston won't move and it won't crank over. The worst-case scenario is it needs a complete engine rebuild. ~$600 just for the kit--for starters. What...
  13. Blastarded1

    Flywheel balanceing

    Just wanted to share this link I found for a video on how to balance your flywheel as I needed to do just that after it was stuck and I needed to get to the stator. We've all been there I'm sure. Video: Software tool: https://www.emachineshop.com/dynamic-flywheel-balancing/