dg pipe

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    Non stock expansion pipe

    I don’t care if it is beat up as long as it works and isn’t The OEM blaster one ,anyway just let me know how much you want it for when you message me for whatever you got. Thanks.
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    I bought a blaster recently that has a uni filter, DG pipe, and is jetted for the pipe. The thing really rips. I was wondering if I got a rad or vforce reeds would I have to jet it differently? Thanks.
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    To arrest a spark or not too?

    I’m sure this topic has come up before, but I’m new to the blaster scene. The Blaster I picked up this passed weekend came with a DG pipe, and pro circuit tip on it. The pro circuit is for riding in The woods as it has a spark arrestor. It also came with the original DG tip which isn’t a...