1. L

    Defective Sleeve?

    Is this a defective sleeve? Not sure if this will cause an issue. It is a new 68mm jug. Thx in sdvance!
  2. W

    how to tell if i have a chinese cylinder?

    I got a blaster recently and have done a ton of stuff to it, it needed a new piston last on had a broken skirt. anyways the the cylinder is fine but i can’t tell if it is oem or a cheap one. the piston looked to be like a cheap one and it was definitely not oem. but i’m not sure about cylinder...
  3. D

    03' Blaster leakdown

    Hey, first time poster. Just bought a used 2003 yamaha blaster. Needed to do a top end rebuild which involved me buying a completely brand new Cylinder after breaking a bolt off putting the carburetor joint back on. Didnt do a bottom end but knew i should do both at the same time but after being...
  4. natej

    Fix it or replace cylinder

    My son just bought a 2002 blaster as a project. He was told that the pistons and rings were recently replaced. The headlight, kill switch, rear brake, and kick starter didn’t work. We fixed the kick starter and I should be good with the others parts. One thing that bothers me is that it...