clutch problem

  1. C

    Clutch engagement problem

    So I recently redid the bearings and seals in my blaster engine and when I put it back together I went to test the clutch and it stays engaged and the bike acts like it is in neutral in all the gears. Also the clutch lever pulls the clutch arm but has no resistance and lever bearly retracts...
  2. DKavcak

    Newbie Blaster Owner

    Hello! My name is Dan, I'm from Northeastern Pennsylvania and I recently acquired an almost immaculate 1991 Blaster WITH A TITLE. This has no aftermarket parts and even has the original tires from 1991 (three digit DOT code vs. a four digit DOT code). I've wanted a Blaster since I was about...
  3. Y

    My blaster Not reviving in gear

    I just got a Yamaha blaster with a fresh rebuild. I ran it thru 3 heat cycles and it revd up all the way in neutral but when I went to ride it I threw it in 1st and it goes about 5mph throttle wide open and it revs about 1/4 of the way to limeter. What could it be? Will take video if asked