1. G

    Help needed

    Anyone on here know a qualified technician near Archdale, NC that can do some carb work/tuning on an ‘03 Blaster. Any help or point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Chris Sides

    Carb trouble

    Somebody please tell me why my brand new out the box pwk28 will not start my blaster I've set air fuel where it calls for and almost to the point of starting I mean it's rolling over once or twice close but then nothing
  3. Chris Sides


    So I have a carb question I've had new top end bored 40 fmf pipe that's about it the factory carb did great with tors on it but after I pulled tors my carb is flooding and leaking so I'm ready to just replace it plus I don't know or want to drill and make a new screw hole for throttle and air so...
  4. Jackson walsh

    Carburetor leaks

    My blaster is sitting and I have the gas on it dumps gas out of the drain hole in the bowl. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  5. Noxtol

    New Carb

    Hey Everyone! my carb is toast, it was a 2000 with the tors system, the previous owner already removed the electrical stuff so i was going to buy the stock VM26-606 carb when i found it, it says it comes with a 190 main and 22.5 pilot most forums i saw says i should be running around a 240...
  6. B

    Carb tor removal screw setting

    have a 1989 yamaha blaster thats bored .2 over with a weisco piston, boyeson power reeds, stock expansion chamber, aftermarket pipe dont know the brand sticker was burnt, oil injection, aftermarket airfilter no airboxlid, currently running a 250 mainjet, needle clip is set on third in the middle...
  7. E

    NEED HELP 02 Yamaha Blaster not running right

    Here's the story.. My uncle bought this blaster and put maybe 70 miles on it and ended up letting it sit behind a building at my house, it ran when he left it there. I decided to pull it out the other day and get it running. About the blaster.. It's completely stock nothing has been done to...
  8. B

    1989 blaster w/ few mods jetting

    I have a 1989 yamaha blaster thats bored .2 over with a weisco piston and boyeson power reeds stock expansion chamber aftermarket pipe dont know the brand sticker was burnt oil injection aftermarket airfilter no airbox lid tors unplugged i am currently running a 300 mainjet if i open it all the...
  9. Dschade

    Bogs down

    OK so I bought the moose carburetor rebuild kit. Everything is the same as stock, by what the imprints says on the jets, needle, and pilot. The stock was 220 and this came with a 230 only difference. Anyways airbox lid is off. New air filter. Tors delete. Compression - 120psi Leak down test...
  10. G

    Are the cheap Ebay carbs any good?

    Long story short, I was in the process of threading my Mikuni carb for an idle screw and the thread tap (or die, what ever teh cutting tool is) broke inside of my carb with part of the tool remaining stuck in the carb. I could try to drill it out slowly and hope the threads work for the idle...