carb problem

  1. Nathan420

    Having a bogging problem. PLZ HELP!!

    So my Yamaha blaster starts and rides fine but when I try to hit a burm it starts to bog out then starts to accelerate again when I come out of it. Same for if I’m trying to do a donut. I have no bogging problem going straight, only bogs is under pressure
  2. J

    My Blaster up shifted out of nowhere and bogged down

    So I went to sandlake here in oregon and I was riding and I noticed that it didnt seem like she was putting out all that much power and all the sudden she up shifted and bogged down and died It seemed like i flooded her or something i tried to restart but she didnt want to start after like 5 min...
  3. Y

    My blaster Not reviving in gear

    I just got a Yamaha blaster with a fresh rebuild. I ran it thru 3 heat cycles and it revd up all the way in neutral but when I went to ride it I threw it in 1st and it goes about 5mph throttle wide open and it revs about 1/4 of the way to limeter. What could it be? Will take video if asked
  4. B


    got a 2002 blaster last night and spent all day trying to figure out why I'm losing power and not idling right I have taken the carb apart and made sure everything was good I changed the gear oil and gas I currently do not have a air box lid or a air filter cause it wasnt in when I got it I am...