carb issuee

  1. Local_retard

    Had some questions about carburetors and recommendations

    Hi everyone I just picked up a 2000 Yamaha blaster and figured this would be the right place to ask for questions and advice , but the current carb on it is junk and needs replacing I've had my eye on a nibbi pwk28 and was wondering if anyone has had experience with them on blasters , was also...
  2. M

    Please help!!

    Okay so, just rebuilt 05 blaster, .20 over piston, fresh hone, fresh seals, gaskets, you name it... rebuilt carb (new components) new reeds... TORS SYSTEM STILL HOOKED UP, ALONG WITH OIL INJECTION.. first start up, sounds okay, but will not idle at all, turn the idle screw on top of TORS system...