carb issue

  1. T


    Hey guys its my first post here, but i have a 2001 yamaha blaster which i picked up and the only issue it had was that it wouldent idle. The bike also came with a gold series fmf pipe and powercore 2 silencer. It is fitted with 230 main jet and 35 pilot. since i got it home i removed the tors...
  2. Nathan420

    Having a bogging problem. PLZ HELP!!

    So my Yamaha blaster starts and rides fine but when I try to hit a burm it starts to bog out then starts to accelerate again when I come out of it. Same for if I’m trying to do a donut. I have no bogging problem going straight, only bogs is under pressure
  3. L

    Idles only on choke and try’s to runaway when reving, it has ran-away once.

    So I’m tying to fix a blaster that has been sitting for 3 years. All I have done was regular maintenance and replaced the reed valves. When I try to start it it is not getting enough fuel I think. Because I have to use starter fluid to get it going when it’s cold. For it to idle I have to have...