1. J

    New to this lifestyle checking everything out also just got my first quad style 2 stroke fourwheeler

    Hello everyone im new to this and also just got my first quad style fourwheeler with 2 stroke engine so please excuse me if my questions seem a lil out their only bike ive ever owned was 4 stroke utility bikes. So yesterday I went and traded for a 2002 yamaha blaster I havent really got to play...
  2. JLG

    New Guy!

    New to the forum. Thanks for the add. Just picked up 2001 Blaster all original. Looking forward to getting it upgraded! All suggestions are welcome!
  3. BetterBlaster

    Weak throttle response

    Hey guys! I have an 02 blaster just freshly rebuilt! It has a full DG exhaust boysen reeds air filter with no lid oil block off kit mixing at 32:1 new stator cdi box carborator and new coil. I jetted the carb starting out with a .300 now I put in a .290. My question is what size jet should I be...