1. T

    Stator conversion to battery charge

    Good day From Belgium I recently owned a 2004 blaster Turn signals are compulsory in Europe Now I would like to retrofit a battery that is also charged by the stator. So that I can retrofit indicators and brake lights. Has anyone ever done this here in the forum and could upload an...
  2. Sasquatch

    Battery size?

    So I'm going to be converting my Blaster to 12V DC here soon and installing 2 smaller led spot lights. was just wondering if anyone is running a battery from the box under the seat? I would like to find a battery that will fit in the area snug and not too tall.
  3. C

    Battery for Lights

    I am doing the conversion over to DC power to add an LED light bar, and am wondering what others have used for batteries? I am looking for something that will fit in the little toolbox under the seat, but will still have enough power to last a while with the bike off and lights on. Any ideas?