Become a Supporting Vendor on Blasterforum

The Supporting Vendor option at opens up plenty of opportunities to effectively advertise your business and products to a wide audience. Besides receiving member appreciation for sponsoring a community that they love, you also get these great benefits for advertising your business, products and services.

  • A "Supporting Vendor" badge in every post right under your username and on your profile page.
  • A personalized and completely dedicated forum in the Supporting Vendor section.
  • You are granted full moderator privileges of your own forum and are able to edit, move, close or delete any threads or posts in that forum.
  • A small (250x40) non-rotating banner with a link to your site, in the top right on the home page of
  • Allows you to advertise your business/service in your signature every time you post. You can include a small banner with link to your site and a contact phone number with email.

*The current Supporting Vendor discounted rates will be available until September 1, 2014*

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