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    Alien DMC or Upgrade

    Did you port the cylinder?
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    Blaster won’t start

    What is your compression? it might be low>
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    Won't start until starter fluid is used.

    Thank you
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    Won't start until starter fluid is used.

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    Upgrade Question

    They take your money and run:(:(
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    Stock Carb Jetting

    jets r us is where I got my parts at.
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    paddles for 2004 blaster

    I was wondering this same question.
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    Rear brake rebuild

    Thank you.
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    Steering stem

    I finally getting time to mess with my son quad. Short store It was a basket case. Put banshee axle and front hubs and braked on it Keeping the cable rear brake. Hope I can rebuild them . They are hard to get them to engage. Another question is it hard to bend the steering stem. I finally...
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    Rear brake rebuild

    Has anyone rebuilt a rear brake caliper. My is a little hard to get the brake to operate. Any suggestions is welcome.
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    2005 blaster parts

    Do you still have the steering stem?
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    Why Is my front brake hitting throttle

    I run hi atv bend on my blaster and trx250rs
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    Best bottom end for blaster?

    Send the bottom end to Ken o Connor to rebuild
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    Rod bearing

    That is my plan. Thank yall
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    Rod bearing

    I found a blaster motor with 25 to 30 hours on the bottom end and been seating for 6 to 8 years . Was going to redo the bearing and seal not the crank. Thank you